Sysadmin Links: Windows Package Management, SSH Wizardry, and Strategy Games!

Another episode of the “Sysadmin Timewasters” series just went up on YouTube. In this episode, we’re looking at several interesting projects:

0:01 Keep your eyes healthy!

3:01 How to choose a programming language:


4:41 Windows package management!

5:34 You need to learn IPv6 –

7:35 Project-based learning is really important for learning tech skills fast –

8:57 – The Guild 2

9:22 – Great SSH talk by Mike Lucas: (check out his books!)

11:05 – A collection of basic linux command-line skills videos

11:56 – Links for renting virtual and physical servers (along with an anti-Cloud rant)

14:35 – Use your phone’s location tracking for non-evil things

15:27 – Break down shell commands