What is tutoriaLinux?

This is a place where you can get your grubby hands on a constantly growing library of practical videos, tutorials, blog posts, code/shell snippets, and other information designed to take you from “Just Getting Started With Linux” to “System Administrator”.

We also cover skills needed for getting started in DevOps, Programming/Software Development, Security, and other IT careers. If you’re looking to get started in the IT Industry or grow your technical skills with easy-to-follow tutorials in plain English, this is the right place.


The Mission

The mission is simple: tutoriaLinux is a place for learning both the technical knowledge you need to become a Linux System Administrator and the non-technical skills you need to get a job, work in a team, and understand the industry.

Too often, people focus on the technical skills alone, and have problems later on because the low-level technical understanding isn’t enough to have a successful (or satisfying) career.

Those people find out (often too late) that people skills, business knowledge, understanding of the software development process and how it meshes with infrastructure, experience completing large projects alone, and knowing how to work with teammates is just as important as technical skills (for example, understanding networking or the operating system).

Although I’ve focused exclusively on technical skills with the YouTube channel, this site will be a place for some of those other topics as well.


How tutoriaLinux Started

tutoriaLinux started in 2014, when I decided to start making YouTube videos for a friend who was trying to learn Linux and become a system administrator. Since then, I’ve covered

  • Linux basics
  • Common system administration tasks
  • Advanced Linux internals
  • Basic programming and scripting (Ruby, Bash)
  • Basic DevOps and automation (Ansible)
  • Virtualization and containerization (LXC)
  • Web hosting setups
  • Some FreeBSD (more to come!)


The Plan

I’ll keep releasing videos on YouTube, but there are some things I’d like to do with tutoriaLinux that aren’t possible there. This will be a place for

  • Larger Sysadmin Projects (things that are too big for a single video, like setting up and configuring a hosting environment, dealing with application deployment, refactoring existing scripts/code, or administering more complex services).
  • Audio (sysadmin interviews, career advice, sysadmin theory, advice about system administration certifications, etc.).
  • Tutorials (text and screenshots; hardcore/retro/old-school style). This can be really useful on its own, and it can also supplement a lot of the free videos I’ve posted on YouTube.
  • Lists of useful links.
  • Code snippets, scripts, and source code downloads.
  • Other goodies.

Stay tuned!