The tutorialinux Sysadmin Horde is made up of people from all walks of life. Some are just getting into system administration and development, others are professionals who want to stay sharp or learn about something new.

I’m thankful to all of you for making tutorialinux happen. When you

it all helps to push tutorialinux forward.

This page is also a chance to call out those of you who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting tutorialinux, so here goes:

Thank You!

  • r447W5 – first Patreon supporter. Made my day when I saw your $10 contribution. Thank you!
  • Juan V. – your engagement, suggestions, and ideas keep my brain churning. Thanks!
  • Matt – you wrote a study guide by taking notes on every single video on YouTube, which makes you a juggernaut of dedication and intellectualism. Your diligence is paying off already. ‘First job’ is checked off the list; keep moving forward!
  • Juan Valdes – crazed tutorialinux horde member. You’re one of the people that keeps me making videos + posts. Thanks man!
  • Kieran James – First $110+ supporter on Patreon. First one to receive cool books, gadgets, and other sysadmin resources as a ‘thank you’ gift. YOU ROCK!
  • Nick McCarthy – Congrats on your success! Remember us little folk when you’re CTO of Amazon :-D.
  • Ashley Chadwick – Much <3 for your support!
  • Thomas Jessop – Keepin’ me goin in tough times, man. Much appreciated.