After starting on YouTube, I’ve decided to start releasing some educational products in other formats — e-books and podcasts covering System Administration, Programming and Software Development, learning projects, and more. Here’s the current list of Linux system administration learning resources:


The Linux System Administration Udemy Course

The newest addition to my pool of sysadmin resources is a course on Udemy that features over 70 videos and 8 hours of content! This course will take you from ‘Linux Beginner’ to “Junior System Administrator.”

It’s titled “Hands-on Linux: Self-Hosted WordPress for Linux Beginners.” The project which you’ll be working on is a WordPress hosting platform where you can host websites and e-commerce sites for family, friends, and customers. Check out some of the free preview videos on the udemy course page (there’s almost one hour of free video there):

For more information, check out the link above, which will automatically apply a discount coupon to the course, or read the official course post for more details. Each course sale supports the creation of more free YouTube Linux videos.


System Administration mini-ebooks

I’ve created a series of Linux sysadmin mini-ebooks for aspiring system administrators. These mini e-books are designed to be bite-sized pieces of learning, easily fitting into a few hours in the afternoon or evening. The idea is that they each treat a very specific subject, and get you familiar with the basics while you work through some examples on the command-line.

Once you’ve completed one of these mini-ebooks, you’ll have a grasp of the material on a theoretical and on a practical level, and you’ll have put together a useful artifact — something that makes your life easier, which you can talk about or show off at job interviews. Things like this are important to have, especially early on in your career, when you’re still pursuing system administration jobs through traditional channels like job applications and HR screenings.

Here’s a current list of the available linux system administration e-books.


YouTube Sysadmin Tutorials

YouTube is where it all started (and, of course, where it continues). I began making video tutorials for a friend who wanted to get into Linux system administration, and found that other people seemed interested, too. The videos have since grown to cover more than just basic Linux knowledge:

  • basic and advanced command-line skills
  • virtualization and linux containers
  • automation and configuration management tools like Ansible
  • scripting with bash
  • programming languages like Ruby
  • alternative window managers like i3
  • useful tools for server administration (tmux, htop, glances, etc.)
  • process management
  • FreeBSD
  • etc.

Here are all the (free) YouTube Linux Sysadmin Tutorials. For your convenience, here’s a link to the “Basic Linux System Administration” Playlist.


Sysadmin Audio on SoundCloud

This is a smaller project for those who want to listen to some higher-level sysadmin talk while commuting, waiting around, or in other situations where working on a real live command-line aren’t feasible. I’ll be uploading some new content here soon, for now the channel contains a talk about what it’s like to work as a sysadmin at a small (mixed Linux + Windows) company.

The SoundCloud channel also contains a playlist of non-distracting songs that help me focus while working.



List of Sysadmin, Software Development, and Other Useful Books

I’ve put together a list of books that are useful (some of them almost required) for a career in technology. They include a wide array of topics:

  • system administration
  • time management
  • psychology
  • thinking and learning
  • common mistakes,
  • fiction
  • etc

Check out the list!