Linux Command-Line Basics: Two Videos

If you want to be a competent Linux or Unix Administrator, Developer, or IT Person, you need to be completely comfortable on the Linux Command Line. For that reason, I’ve approached the “Linux Command-Line Basics” topic from a few different angles so far.

This post should be a good jumping-off point for anyone who wants to dive in — it’s a one-stop shop for all the free videos I’ve made on the subject of Linux command-line basics and basic Bash shell skills over the last three years. Let’s get started!

Command-line basics videos on YouTube

The first few videos I put up on YouTube were all about the very basics of navigating around on the command line, because it’s so important that you have these basics down. This video (and the videos that follow it) are a good introduction to the very basics: moving around the filesystem, running programs, etc.



A Project-based Introduction to Linux Command-Line Work

Although a theoretical approach is useful (and necessary for the basics), getting a practical experience of using all of these commands in realistic day-to-day work as a System Administrator or DevOps person is a totally different ballgame. Using your new skills for a practical project is the best way to learn quickly and effectively, and to make sure you don’t forget all of the new theoretical information you’ve just learned.

I’ve created a course that focuses on building up your practical Linux skills using a real-life project: setting up a WordPress hosting server. You can find that course here:

At that link, you’ll find about 30 minutes of free videos that serve as a good introduction to the most important basic Linux commands, and a tour of basic shell features (available as ‘free preview’ videos — check Lecture 14 and Lecture 23 at the link above and click the Preview button).


Free Bash Scripting Course

There’s a bit more to it than just learning “Linux command-line basics.” Real-life Linux and Unix work is much easier if you understand the most popular shell you’ll be working in: Bash. Bash stands for “Bourne Again SHell,” which is a play on the fact that it’s a more modern version of the original “Bourne” shell, named for its creator.

For those of you interested in learning the basics of the Bourne shell environment, I’ve created a free Bash Programming course on YouTube. You can go through it in a few afternoons and have a decent handle on the basics which you’ll be using 90% of the time.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of the content I’ve created for learning Bash and the Linux command-line. I’ve you’ve got requests, questions, or confessions of your undying love, feel free to leave them in a comment.

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Have fun!