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Tech Timewasters, July 2015

The Web is big. The Web has links. Here are your July links: Scaling a website to absorb one hundred million hits over the course of a few days: https://medium.com/message/how-paper-magazines-web-engineers-scaled-kim-kardashians-back-end-sfw-6367f8d37688 Bruce Schneier — if you’re not already reading his blog for your high-level security thinking, you need to start: https://www.schneier.com/ An incredible read about software development, […]

Monitor all the Things (with monit)!

System administrators have a *ton* of different monitoring solutions to choose from. Many of these (Nagios) are forced on them by evil forces who happen to be higher up in the corporate food chain. Some, however, are a joy to use. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to use one of my favorites: Monit ( https://mmonit.com/monit/ ). […]

Where to Find Answers to Linux Questions

When they’re faced with a technical problem — an error message, unexpected behavior, or ‘I have no idea what to do about this problem’ moment — most people resort to Google (or a privacy-aware search engine, like DuckDuckGo or IxQuick). However, often this is not the quickest way to get the problem solved. Here’s a quick checklist of […]

Finding out what’s happening on a Linux Machine

Here’s a quick video on finding out what’s going on when you log into (or sit down at) a Linux machine. We cover the following commands: w (/who): find out who is currently logged into the machine, and where they’re connecting from top: find out which processes are running, how much load they’re putting on […]

The Absolute Basics: Set up a Linux Virtual Machine and get started

Everyone has to start their Linux System Administration journey somewhere. If you’re ready to dive into Linux, here are the absolute basics. Install Linux in a Virtual Machine First things first: you need to get a learning environment set up for yourself: a place where you can make mistakes, explore things, and hack the matrix […]

Official tutoriaLinux Site Launch

Hi there, I’m excited to finally launch this site! I’ve spent the last year happily uploading videos to YouTube, but it’s finally time to make tutoriaLinux a bit more awesome. All of this started in 2014, when I began making videos for a friend to help him get the information he needed to get started with System […]