Official tutoriaLinux Site Launch

Hi there,

I’m excited to finally launch this site! I’ve spent the last year happily uploading videos to YouTube, but it’s finally time to make tutoriaLinux a bit more awesome. All of this started in 2014, when I began making videos for a friend to help him get the information he needed to get started with System Administration (he’s now a sysadmin, yay!).

This site will be a place for me to share content that’s not just the free YouTube videos you’re used to.

What you’ll see here:

  • Audio (sysadmin interviews, career advice, sysadmin theory, advice about system administration certifications, etc.).
  • Tutorials (text and screenshots; hardcore/retro/old-school style). This can be really useful on its own, and it can also supplement a lot of the free videos I’ve posted on YouTube.
  • Lists of useful links.
  • Code snippets, scripts, and source code downloads.
  • Other goodies.

YouTube was a great start for the tutoriaLinux idea, but it’s time to grow this into something even more useful.