New tutorialinux guide: Getting Started with Linux Containers (LXC)

A while back, I did a YouTube series on Linux Containers (LXC). If you are (or want to be) a sysadmin or software developer, you need to know about Linux Containers, and understand how to use them. I’ve just written a ~45-page guide to getting started with this useful skill — check it out here! For those of you that want more details (or a link to the original playlist), read on:

Linux Containers are a fast, low-overhead alternative to running full virtual machines, and can provide amazing convenience. With the growing popularity of Docker (which leverages LXC on the back-end), Linux Containers are also a hot topic.

Linux Containers can help you

  • test out new software, services, and configurations
  • try high-availability infrastructure setup, without having to leave the comfort of your laptop
  • increase security
  • decrease deployment time


The new guide covers the basics of getting started with Linux Containers: how to get them up and running, how to manage and configure them, how to use them in production, along with some of their lesser-known features.

Check out the guide here: — there’s a low-cost option with just the e-book, and a Bastard Operator from Hell edition that includes the original tutorialinux LXC videos (high-quality versions for offline viewing). Buying the guide helps support tutorialinux and ensures that more free videos get made.

Here’s the original LXC series, for your (free) viewing pleasure: